National Skate Patrol Meeting Minutes


Date: September 19, 2000

Place: Mariís house

Time:  8:00 p.m.



Gordon Innes

Mari Tonin

Don Chernich

Natalie Chernich

Steve Lee

Bernard Scoville

Daidre Egerter

Julie Kaye

Larry Barnes

Trail Approval

Gordon stated that the in-line skating trial on the American River Bicycle Trail is progressing well.  Surveys have reported little conflict and even the bicycle advocates have stated that in-line skaters have are not created problems for them.  The final survey will be completed in September.  After that, the in-line skating task for will reconvene to discuss the results.  The issue will then go back to the Park and Recreation Commission and the Board of Supervisors for final approval of allowing in-line skating on the trail.

Trail Patrol


Gordon noted that we were having some difficulty setting up trail patrols on the weekend.  We decided to establish a patrol schedule for the next month.  The following patrols were set up.


Saturday, September 23:  Gordon and Larry

Sunday, September 31:  Julie and Steve
Sunday, October 8:  Mari and Daidre

Saturday, October 14: Don and Natialie

Sunday, October 22: Larry and Bernie

On Saturday, October 28, the patrol will do a long skate that will start at Discovery Park and go to Bealís point and back.  For the less energetic, sag cars may be set up a couple of pick-up points.

Monday Night Skate

There was an incident on the Monday night skate on September 11th in which a motorist complained about skaters taking over the road and not allowing him to pass.  Steve discussed the need to better manage the Monday night skate.  We need to continue to discuss road manners and safety at the beginning of the skate and we need to better patrol the middle of the group to keep skaters to the side of the road.

National Skate Patrol Update


Gordon participated in a teleconference on September 17th with Rick Short and the directors from the other patrols.  The directors decided to change from cotton to cool max patrol shirts.  The change will probably result in a dues increase of about seven dollars.  Bernie will be attending the National Skate Patrol meeting in Montreal on September 22nd.


Next Meeting


The next meeting will be Don and Natalieís house on Tuesday, October 17th.   There will be potluck dinner starting at 7:00 p.m.  The actual meeting will start at 8:00 p.m.