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Getting ready for the Monday Night Skate

Jerry, Matt, Lisa, Steve, Lisa take a break on the June 12, 2000 Monday Night Skate.

Required skills:

Suggested equipment:

  • Wrist guards. The most frequent injury skaters receive is a broken or sprained wrist.

  • Helmet. If you fall on your head, this could save you from becoming a vegetable.

  • Knee pads. Can prevent a lot of pain and skin rash.

  • Elbow pads. Falling properly to avoid injury requires elbow pads. Falling on a bare elbow can be very painful.

  • When skating is done in the dark: Battery powered lights. Flashing red lights increase visibility. A flashlight or other white light can help you see where your are skating.

Also nice:

  • A bottle or canteen of water.

Skating with a group is a great way to learn skating. You'll be able to skate much better than you ever could alone.