Notes on March 20, 2001 Meeting of Sacramento Chapter of National Skate patrol

  • Larry Barnes
  • Natalie Carroll
  • Don Chernich
  • Mazen Haffar
  • Gordon Innes
  • Julie Kaye
  • Mitchell Ryan
  • Bernie Scoville
  • Mari Tonin
We met at Gordon's house. With homemade pizza and potluck dishes, we were able to combine business and pleasure.

Meeting Decisions:

Monday Night Skate. We will continue our 7:00 p.m. Monday Night Skate at 3rd and S. Other skates at other locations may be added later. The first official Monday Night Skate, to reopen our skating season will be on April 2, 2001.

Patrolling the American River Parkway. We will continue some weekend patrolling on the American River Parkway. Gordon Innes will have the sign-up sheet.

Officers for 2001:
Gordon Innes Sacramento CA 95826 Director
Steven Lee Sacramento CA 95864 Assistant Director
Mari Tonin Sacramento CA 95818 Immediate Past President
Don Chernich Sacramento CA 95819 Secretary
Natalie Carroll Sacramento CA 95819 Treasurer
Bernard Scoville Sacramento CA 95816 Webmaster

Walkie Talkies. Bernie Scoville will bring the new walkie talkies to the Monday Night Skate of April 2.

Next Sacramento Skate Patrol Board Meeting. We will meet again on the 3rd Tuesday in April, April 17, 2001 at 7:00 p.m. at Julie Kaye's office.

Notes by Don Chernich and Bernie Scoville.