Notes on August 23, 2001 Meeting of Sacramento Branch of the National Skate Patrol

We had a pleasant pot-luck, barbeque, and discussion at Mari Tonin's home, and then Gordon, Skate Patrol Director, conducted the following meeting:

Skate Patrol meetings are open to he public. Non-Skate Patrol Skaters Chris, Steve Williams, and Terri left just before the meeting.:


    Non-Skate Patrol Skaters:
  1. Roberto and Kelley
  2. Dale Chisum
    Skate Patrol Members:
  1. Daidre Egerter
  2. Gordon Innes
  3. Mitchell Ryan
  4. Bernie Scoville
  5. Mari Tonin

Gordon has talked with Rick Short, Director of the National Skate Patrol. The Inline Certification Program (ICP) will meet in Duluth Minnesota in September. This convention will not include the National Skate Patrol. There will be a National Skate Patrol conference in Miami Florida in February of 2002.

The National Skate Patrol has sent flashing red lights, protective gear, and wheels for Skate Patrol members. The newest product is a spots bra for about $42.

Annual dues are due. Each Skate Patrol member needs to give Gordon a check for the National Skate Patrol for $35.