Notes on May 29, 2001 Meeting of the Sacramento Branch of the National Skate Patrol

We had a pleasant pot-luck and discussion at Daidre's home, and Gordon conducted the following meeting:


  • Daidre Egerter
  • Gordon Innes
  • Mitchell Ryan
  • Bernie Scoville
  • Mari Tonin

Gordon has talked with Rick Short, Director of the National Skate Patrol. Sacramento Skate Patrol members will be receiving some 80 millimeter wheels. The Inline Certification Program (ICP) will meet in Duluth Minnesota in September. This convention will not include the National Skate Patrol. The National Skate Patrol convention will probably be in February 2002 in Florida.

Mari mentioned that Bike and Surry in Old Sacramento might want to do a promotional event if they start to rent skates. It would be a one day event to promote these newly available rental skates and safe skating. Mari will check into this possibility.

We decided to discontinue patrolling the American River Parkway. We have already won the battle to skate there. Sacramento County is not enthusiastic in supporting our patrolling, and patrolling has not been an effective way to educate people on the Parkway.

Gordon said that the Monday Night Skate seems to be going alright. A fair amount of skaters are participating and many of them also getting together in Vallejo's.

Gordon asked if we should advertise the Monday Night Skate. We could put flyers in skate shops and advertise in the Calendar section of the Bee. Feelings were mixed; some do not want the Monday Night Skate to become too large, but there was a slight consensus that we should advertise the Monday Night Skate. Bernie will make sure that we are in the Bee. Calendar.

Steve said that September 22, 2001, Saturday would be a good day for a Discovery Park to Beale Point and back skate.

Bernie mentioned that for $10 a month the Sacramento Skating web site could free of advertising. That would be $120 a year. For $145 a year we could also have a short domain name such as As it is people can find the website: in most search engines by searching for "Sacramento Skating".

If someone else wants to do the website, Bernie will work with them.

Gordon will check into some special skate possibilities, such as a Golden Gate Park Skate Party, and/or a Crystal Springs Skate.

Don Chernich and Natalie Carroll arrived after the meeting.