National Skate Patrol Meeting

April 18, 2000



Meeting convened at 7:10 pm


Present: Julie Kaye, Don Chernich, Steve Lee, Gordon Innes, Bernie Scoville, CeeCee Cryer,   Mazen Haffar, and Mari Tonin.


Parks Conference

CeeCee Cryer, Sacramento County Park Ranger, asked board if they were interested in participating in statewide conference schedule for March 15, 2001. Board indicated interest in participating in presenter capacity. CeeCee to keep board posted on details.


NSP Pocket Guides


Julie presented color draft of NSP Sacramento Chapter pocket guide being designed and printed by the National NSP. Board members provided input and Julie will forward corrections and comments to the designer. Guides are expected in May.


Patrol Dates & Times


Gordon reported on weekend trail patrols and took sign-ups for April and May. Julie prepared and distributed wallet-sized listings of NSP patrollers' telephone and cellphone numbers. Julie provided copies of the upcoming American River Trail closures and the members discussed with CeeCee answering questions.


NSP Certification Training


May 13 is the scheduled date of NSP training at Capitol Athletic Club. Gordon, Steve and Mari will conduct training. Julie will put notice in the Sacramento Bee’s recreation calendar and Mari will announce at upcoming Monday night skates. A minimum of four will be required to hold training. Fee for certification is $30; $25 of which goes to National and $5 is for materials.


State of the Skate

Scheduled on June 5th. Mari said she would expect all the skate reps would show.


NSP Dues

Gordon collected dues of $25 per member to be forwarded to National. Members not present will be notified by Gordon to forward dues.


Board Minutes on Internet

Board minutes will be posted on the internet after review by Gordon.


Next Meeting

Tuesday, May 16; 2115 J Street, Ste. 210.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.