NSP Meeting Minutes


Date: October 17, 2000



Julie Kaye

Don Chernich

Natalie Chernich

Larry Barnes

Mitchell Ryan

Steve Lee

Gordon Innes

Bernie Scoville


1. In-line Skating Task Force Meeting


The Sacramento County In-line skating task force met on October 17 to discuss the results of the in-line skating survey of users on the American River Parkway trail.  This survey was done by JD Franz Research, Incorporated.  The company president, Jennifer Franz presented the results of the survey at the meeting.  The survey found that few users expressed dissatisfaction with allowing in-line skaters on the trail and that the number of users expressing dissatisfaction decreased throughout the year.  Lea Brooks from SABA stated that in-line skaters have not been a problem for bicyclists because their numbers are so few and their behavior has improved. Final approval of allowing in-line skating on the trail will now proceed in accordance with the following schedule.


Friday, October 20:  Review by Park Advisory Committee

Thursday, October 26: Review by Park and Recreation Commission

Tuesday, November 21: Decision of Board of Supervisors


The approval is essentially a done deal at this point.  We will, however, send letters to the supervisors and have some people attend the Board of Supervisors meeting and perhaps, schedule a celebration afterwards. 


2.   Upcoming Patrol Schedule


We decided to continue to patrol this year through mid-November as long as the weather remain favorable. The following patrols were set up. Gordon will check with Mari and Daidre to see if they can actually skate on November 11.  (They were not present at the meeting.) 


Saturday, October 21: Julie and Mitchell

Saturday, November 4: Gordon and Steve

Saturday, November 11: Mari and Daidre


3.   Upcoming Events


The following upcoming events were scheduled.


Saturday, October 28: Discovery Park to Beals Point and Back Skate, Meet for breakfast at 6:00 a.m.  Start skate at 7:00 a.m. at the bridge at Discovery Park.


Monday, October 30: Halloween Skate:  Starts at 7:00 p.m. at 3rd and S Streets.

Christmas Party/Meeting: Friday, December 15th, Starts at 7:00 p.m., Julie will provide instructions as to what foods to bring.