National Skate Patrol Meeting

May 16, 2000



Meeting convened at 7:10 pm


Present: Steve Lee, Gordon Innes, Julie Kaye, Bernie Scoville, Mari Tonin and prospective NSP member, Mike Crimmins


NSP Skate Guides

Julie reported that she reviewed corrections/changes on the final copy of the NSP guides being produced by national. Estimated to be done by end of May. Julie will e-mail Rick Short re: quantity.


Report on Skating on Trail


Julie reported that she and Natalie skated on Saturday, May 13. Steve and Mazen canceled on Sunday due to injuries suffered by Mazen in a run on Saturday. Members present signed up for patrol dates in upcoming weeks. Gordon will contact members not in attendance regarding dates they can patrol.


NSP Certification

The May 13 certification date was canceled due to limited number of participants. It was discussed that we would approach individuals and ask them directly to become members. Gordon suggested we invite potential NSP members to join us on patrol. This was accepted and Julie will contact Miller Sports to get back our shirts that they have and use those for NSP trainees while on patrol.


State of the Skate

Scheduled on June 5th; begin gathering at 6 pm. Assigned duties for this skate. Mari and Natalie to secure some prizes; Steve to call skate reps re: participation; and Julie to send press release.


Auburn Honda requested that we participate in May 20 child safety awareness day. No NSP members present were interested in participating, although we would consider future offers if time permits.


Information Booth on Trail

Julie has been in discussion with Jill Rixman of the County Parks re: information booth on trail to disseminate information about inline skating on the trail. Discussion indicated an interest in hooking up to existing events where there is a known and appropriate audience. Julie will contact the Eppie's Great Race people about getting free booth space at the race on July 29 on the Parkway Trail.


Next Meeting

Tuesday, June 20; 2115 J Street, Ste. 210.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.


Minutes submitted by Julie Kaye