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Skating Lessons Page - Updated March 31, 2013.

Class lessons available through the City of Sacramento for $25.

Available Individual Lessons:
  • Free Stopping Lessons: At the Monday Night Skate, there is usually someone from the Skate Patrol before the skate (From 6:50 to 7:00 p.m.) who can help beginners.
Deluxe individual and small group lessons ($35 for one, extra persons: $15/each.):

Regular lessons from the Webmaster, Bernie Scoville: Flexible lessons covering whatever you want to cover as long as you want to cover it for $35. Each additioanal person (up to six) is $15. Skills that can be taught include:

  • Wearing Pads
  • Falling Safely
  • The Ready Position
  • The Heel Stop
  • The T Stop
  • The Grass Stop
  • The Duck Walk
  • Normal Striding and Gliding
  • Advanced Striding and Gliding
  • The A Frame Turn
  • The Parallel Turn
  • The Crossover Turn
  • Walking up a Curb
  • Skating up a Curb
  • Walking up Stairs
  • Walking down Stairs
  • Skating down Stairs.
Additional information:

All participants must wear wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and a helmet. This equipment must be purchased; as far as I know, skates and protective gear can no longer be rented in Sacramento, except for use in skating rinks.

You can try skating equipment and inline skates in a skating rink at a reasonable price before you buy your own equipment.

When you buy skates make sure they fit.  It is good to try them out in the store to make sure they are comfortable.  The wheels should roll easily.  I like The Sports Authority and Big 5. For online shopping, I like

Group lessons can be negotiated and scheduled at special prices.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Contact Bernie Scoville at (916) 568-1491 or Email address graphic.

  • Eddy Matzgar speed skating workshops
  • United Skate Schools Group Instructor Search
  • Local IISA certified instructors, who request it, will be listed on this page at no charge.
  • Information on past 2003 participation in the Free Skate Lesson Program

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