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January 1, Saturday, American River Parkway Celebration Skate - Old Sacramento To Folsom Lake In 2 Waves!

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Sublime Sponsors 2 Waves of American River Parkway Skate

By Bernard E. Scoville

Dennys Restaurant at 3rd & J Streets.  Start of Wave 1 of the American River Parkway Celebration Skate.

Dennys Restaurant at 3rd & J Streets in Sacramento, California. Start of Wave 1 of the American River Parkway Celebration Skate.

On January 1, Saturday, 2000 I enjoyed a great breakfast from 8:20 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at the 3rd and J Dennys.

At 9:03 I skated to Old Sacramento then I began skating on the American River Parkway toward Folsom Lake. I noticed a beautiful and large hawk, many birds calling, and some beautiful black and white birds. And the river. Who wouldn't notice the river?

At 9:30 I passed the zero mile marker in Discovery Park.

About 10:30 or 11:00 Larry Barnes skated up beside me. He had skated from Discovery Park at ablut 10am. We skated a few miles together. The Larry skated on ahead to Hazel and history. He reached Hazzel about noon. He became the first person to ever legally skate from Discovery Park to Hazel, the part of the parkway that had just become legal for skaters.

When Larry came back from Hazel we talked a little, then he returned toward Discovery Park, planning to skate 50 miles that day.

I kept skating till I reached the end of the pavement at 2:11pm. I then skated back to Beale Point by 2:15pm. I too made history. I was the first person to ever skate legally from Old Sacramento to Beale Point at Folsom Lake.

Gordon Innes Led the Second, and Larger Wave of American River Parkway Celebration Skate at Noon From Bleachers Restaurant

By Bernard E. Scoville

After noon and several press interviews, Gordon, Skate Patrol Director, led about 15 skaters from Bleachers Restaurant to Goethe Park and back. Gordon and Scott Baggenstoss of this Second Wave received Sublime T shirts.

Gordon and these skaters received lots of press attention, appearing on several televison stations. This was good publicity for skaters.

Sublime, all around skate shop in Roseville, sponsored both waves of the American River Parkway Celebration Skate, providing T shirts and certificates for free skate overhauls, and 10% off on bearings and wheels. Thanks to Dan and Kristi Graydon, owners, for their encouraging support!

For information on the Ameican River Parkway, you can start with, a Bee article or this article.

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